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Christina Washington

"Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere" - Chinese Proverb

Welcome to my teaching portfolio! I am delighted that you have taken the time to get to know me better. Here you will find information related to my teaching philosophy, classroom management, and samples of my work. 


  • BS, Electrical Engineering
  • MS, Physics


  • Permanent Ohio Non-Tax Teaching Certification (#21635943)
  • Association for Christian Schools International Teaching Certification, Math, Science Endorsement (#135930)
  • Google Certified Educator 

Professional Development Training

  • Human Learning & Development
  • Restorative Practices
  • Instructional Design Foundations
  • Technology Management
  Areas of Expertise
  • Algebra
  • Geometry
  • Calculus
  • Probability & Statistics
  • Consumer Math
  • Robotics

Applicable Skil​ls

  • Passionate about helping students achieve academic success
  • Creates engaging and interactive lessons that meet grade level expectations and course standards
  • Excellent verbal and written communication, time management, organizational, and interpersonal skills
  • Ability to integrate biblical principals into lessons
  • Curriculum development, program management, and e-learning design experience

Teaching Philosophy

I truly enjoy teaching and believe that it is both a privilege and an honor to be an Educator.  I am passionate about inspiring youth to reach higher levels of achievement and academic success.  I work hard to provide quality, rigorous, and comprehensive instruction delivered in an effective manner. My goal is for students to process, recall, and apply math concepts, all while developing a thorough understanding of content knowledge.  I challenge students to take pride in their work while providing detailed, thorough instruction, drawing upon previously taught content, and bridging the gap for future math studies.  I challenge students to think critically while employing a variety of teaching methodologies and instructional techniques to keep students actively engaged in learning.  

All of my former career experiences have prepared me to be a highly skilled educator with a multitude of talents. As a former Engineer and Physicist, I have a strong background in math and technology with the ability to solve and deliver complex content. Experiences as a project manager has also prepared me to manage a classroom within time and budget constraints, set expectations with deadlines and milestones, all while working towards objectives.  As a former Education Consultant, I am able to draw from curriculum design experiences in order to develop stellar coursework. 

I believe that students demonstrate high level of understanding when they are able to articulate their problem solving approach. In my classroom, students are also challenged with discussion based assessments, error analysis, think-pair-share exercises, flipped classroom activities, and other methods that spark interest and diversify learning experiences.  I also enjoy fusing digital technologies into my lessons and creating interactive learning activities. In addition to traditional formative assessments and checks for understanding, students will enjoy digital interactive activities, scavenger hunts, escape rooms, math projects, and other exercises to reinforce learning.  Working in both public and private, urban and rural schools, I have gained experience in diverse classroom settings. When creating lessons, I take students’ cultures, backgrounds, levels of knowledge/skills, and learning styles into consideration and provide multiple means of access to materials.  

Secondary math subjects have the tendency to intimidate students, however, many have left my classroom feeling refreshed with confidence and a deeper appreciation for the subject. I am very intentional and sincere when connecting with students, and enjoy having a positive impact on their studies. I provide a fun, yet challenging learning environment where they feel comfortable, accepted, and encouraged.    I also create a positive experience, full of affirmations and scripture to help students develop a growth mindset. It is my firm belief that learning is achieved through skill development, guidance, and instruction, but more importantly, when students develop self confidence, they are more eager to learn and less intimidated by difficult math content. 

Honors & Achievements

•  Khan Academy Ambassador 

•  Coached high school robotics team to CoderZ National Playoffs, Regional Competition 3rd Place

•National Science Teacher’s Association, Informal Educator of the Year Nominee

•American Physical Society, Featured Physicist (

•Author, STEM Children’s Book Series for Early Learners

•Shreveport Chamber of Commerce, Top 40 Under 40 Professionals

•Outstanding Achievement Award, Dell Computer Corporation

•US Army, Material Command Award for Research

•Outstanding Achievement Award, Clark Atlanta University

•Speaker, Louisiana Art and Science Museum STEM Fair

•Co-Author, Electrical and Engineering Lab Manuals

• Judge, Louisiana Science and Engineering Fair

Instructional Technology Experience

• iXL     


•Khan Academy

•Google Classroom




•Curriculum Track

•Teacher Tools Online





 •Lego Mindstorms

•Google Suite

•Microsoft Applications

Classroom Management

Whether I am teaching virtually or in person, expectations are communicated with the intention of maintaining organization and orderly structure. Good classroom management also helps to maintain student focus, minimize distractions, and maximize pedagogy effectiveness.  Students are expected to arrive to class on time, focused, and prepared with notebooks, calculators, pencils, and other materials. Students are also expected to be respectful to the teacher and other students, while behaving in a manner that will set them up to be academically successful.  I also utilize restorative practices and redirection so that students stay on task and learn to self regulate their behaviors.

The following graphic is an example of my virtual classroom rules:

Parent Feedback 

"Mrs. Washington is a very helpful, encouraging, and patient teacher."

~Tiffany H

"Great teacher! My daughter said the instruction was clear and thorough."

~ T. Konditi

"Mrs. Washington did an excellent job preparing my daughter for the ACT. My daughter raved about how brilliant her teacher is. My daughter learned a lot and wants to take more classes with Mrs. Washington."

~ C. Hamilton

Coursework Samples

The following samples are original lessons that I created for previous courses taught: 

Published Works

I have published two children's books written to spark interest in STEM subjects. Both books were written loosely based on my personal experiences as a scientist and designed to get children excited about learning.  In 2o16, "Ms. Pearl Makes a Discovery" received the NYC Big Book Award for children's literature. 

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